Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Umbra the Wonder Dog Pencil Topper
If you are from Chicago, you might remember Umbra, the Wonder Dog.
She was adopted by Ted Erikson (the famous long distant swimmer).
Umbra was part Labrador and part Greyhound, and loved to swim.
In 1991, Ted and Umbra began swimming together.
Umbra managed to swim three miles in about 85 minutes.
She holds four first records in the Guinness Book of World Records for canine swimming.
She is the only dog to have swam across the Bosphorus (Asia to Europe) in Turkey.
That was about a two mile venture in 31 minutes on July 22, 1995.
She was also licensed and registered as a “Hearing Ear Dog for the Deaf”, and helped Ted immensely.
She became so famous, that Guru Sri Chinmoy,
(an Indian Spiritual leader, who lifted thousands of sheep over his head in his lifetime)
lifted her and Ted in 2004 in downtown Chicago.
She died in 2006, but lived 16 wonderful years.
Ted (my father) still misses her.
I had made a cork-top for a celebration to her life.
The pattern is done in a crochet thread, and it is fairly easy.
I did change the cork-top to a pencil-top for more versatility.
1.5mm hook
Crochet Thread #10:
Small amount of Black and Brown
Needle to Sew
Gauge is not crucial. 
US Terminology
~ = Approximately
Beg = Beginning
Ch = Chain
Dc = Double Crochet
Dec = Decrease by crocheting 2 single crochets as one
FO = Fasten Off
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Inc = Increase with 2 single crochets into one stitch
MR = Magic Ring
Sc = Single Crochet
Ss = Slip Stitch
St(s) = Stitch(es)
Rnd(s) = Round(s)

Head:  Do not join rounds.  Work in a spiral.  Mark beg sts.
Rnd 1:  [Nose] MR, Ch 1, 6 Sc in the ring.  (6)
Rnd 2:  Inc around.  (12)
Rnd 3:  (Sc, Inc) around.  (18)
Rnds 4 - 10:  Sc around.  (18)
Rnd 11: Inc, Sc in 2, Inc in next 12, Sc in 2, Inc in last.  (32)
Rnd 12: Sc in 11, Inc, (Sc in 2, Inc) 3xs, Sc in last 11.  (36)
Rnds 13 – 18: Sc around.  (36)
Rnd 19: (Sc in 4, Dec) around.  (30)
Rnd 20: Sc around.  (30)
Rnd 21:  (Sc in 3, Dec) around.  (24)
Rnd 22:  (Sc in 2, Dec) around.  (18)  Stuff.
Rnd 23:  (Sc, Dec) around.  (12)  Ss in next st and FO with ~ 15” to sew.   

Ch 9, 2 Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in next, Hdc in next, Dc in next 4, 8 Dc in last ch.
Working the other side of the foundation ch, Dc in 4, Hdc in next, Sc in next 2.  Join to first sc. FO with ~ 6” to sew.
Position the ears on top of head with ~ 8 sts between and sew over Rnds 17 – 19.
With brown and the sewing needle, make a French Knot for each eye.
Place them between Rnds 11 and 12 with ~ 6 sts between, symmetrically even with the top of the ears.
Rnd 1:  Ch 11, join to the first ch to form a ring.
Ch 1, Sc in each ch around. (11)
Do not join.  Work in a spiral.  Mark beg sts.
Rnds 2 - 16:  Sc around.  (11)

Note: 11 stitches around fit my pencil:  Add more (or less) to fit the size of your pencil or pen.  

Weave the end thread through the 12 sts of the last round to close and anchor to secure.
Bring thread end to bottom of head and sew to the pencil-tube.